Google Word Coach

How to Open Google Word Coach?

Everything you need to know about Google Word Coach. It is a fun game designed to learn English language vocabulary in a engaging way. It is an excellent way to improve your English and vocabulary with fun.  lets discussed below more about how to open Google Word Coach and it use to improve our or test our skills.

What is Google Word Coach?

It is an online quiz game to help improve your English language with fun. Google has created this fun game to help people improve their skills. To play this game, you need to answer a few MCQs (multiple-choice question) on concepts, such as Synonyms and Antonyms. Google launch this game in multiple languages such as English, French and more.

How to Open Google Word Coach

These are two ways to open this app, find below the given steps to open Google Word Coach.

  1. Type Google Word Coach or Word Coach or गूगल वर्ड कोच in Hindi on the Chrome browser or in the Google App on your smartphone.
  2. Search for an English word meaning on Google. The Word Coach game will display under the translation or dictionary boxes in the search engine results.