How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google

How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google

It is very difficult to rank keywords higher on search engine or Google due to recent Google algorithm changes. Here we are going to discuss the ways about how to improve keyword ranking in Google by doing organic white hat SEO.

How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google

Build Links the Right Way

Backlink play vital roll to rank a keywords higher on Google search engine, but make sure backlink should be created in good way. You can create backlink many ways link hypertext or hyperlink ( in text link ), Image link and Scale link building.

Anchor text link is a simply link appear within the content, It is mostly used when someone want to rank for a particular keywords.
You can also use Image for backlink for this when you are adding an image to your website or blog use your target keywords want to rank as “Alt Tag”. When image are indexed by google you will get backlink.

Perfect Your On-Page SEO

When we are discussing about keywords ranking the first thing come in your mind is On Page SEO. On Page is is one of the fastest way to rank your target keywords within few days. Few on page SEO tactics are..

  1. Your Target keywords should be in the beginning of Title tag
  2. Make sure your content at least is 1000 word and more
  3. Your Website should be Mobile friendly
  4. Make user friendly URL structure
  5. Create meta tag the well describe your page
  6. Improve your page loading speed

Improve the Content Quality

As per Google latest update it is clear that google always prefer A high quality content. To improve quality of your content include infographics, image, graph and video related to your post or information. Focus on long tail content and can also use LSI keywords to explain well your content. Interlinking within the content can also improve your content. Keywords density should be 2-3% ( Add min=2-3 Keywords ) in your content. How to Use Hashtags Correctly On Instagram

Know the Google Ranking Algorithm

Knowing the Google’s most recent algorithm updates is not a keywords ranking factor but it is a good practice for SEO professionals stay on top of that stuff. When you know recent Google update, you will know about uncover potential reasoning for why a site was hit by an update, or certain keyword rankings was going down.

Target the Right Keywords

Target the right keywords means the keywords that overarching business objectives and offer real value. It’s important that you understand both the search intent behind them and the difficulty of ranking. Firstly knowing the type of keywords intent, whether it’s informational, transactional or navigational so that you can easily choose right keywords.

You can also analyze Google SERP to choose right keywords for this search your target keywords on Google and see the Related searches, Google suggestions and LSI keywords.

Fix Technical Issues

Fixing your technical issues like broken link, website structure and duplicate content issues. To fix these all the technical issues you can use free online website analysis tool or can also use Google webmaster tool.